Air Lift Nissan/Infiniti - 370z/G37 Performance Series ALP3 Package

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SKU: 75521 / AirLift3H3P / 75621

Style, sophistication, luxury and performance—the Nissan 370z / Infiniti G37 has it all, including a 4×4 appearance when it comes to suspension. Traditional lowering springs and coilovers will help shrink down that wheel gap, but do you really want to sacrifice ride quality? With Airlift's complete air suspension, you no longer have to give up your luxury ride to achieve the stance you are looking for. Not only will full air suspension give your 370z / G37 a much-needed altitude adjustment, but you will be able to carve corners with the best of them!

To achieve a 3.57-inch drop up front, Airlift placed a progressive rate sleeve-style air spring on top of a threaded body shock. Couple this smooth-riding, sleeve-style air spring with 30-way damping adjustable monotube shock; with the push of a button and a twist of the damping knob, you can go from plush luxury to a stiff, race-car-like feel. Not only do these parts perform exceptionally well, but they look just as great. The shocks are covered in a smooth, black-chrome finish, and the air springs are enhanced with bright red anodized end caps. They look so sharp that it’s almost a shame to hide these parts under your ride…but once you experience how well air suspension performs, you will be glad you did.

For the rear, Airlift replaced the OEM coil springs with ultra-plush, double-bellow air spring, allowing the rear to drop 4.8 inches. To handle the damping duties, they replace the factory shocks with our threaded body, monotube, 30-way adjustable shocks to match the front for the ultimate in ride comfort and performance handling. With this complete air suspension, your ride will be ready for both the show field and your favorite winding road.