Universal Air Suspension 2007-2013 Chevy Suburban Airbag Kit


This is the Universal Air Suspension airbag kit for the 2007-2013 Chevy Suburban chassis. Powered by a powerful V8, the Chevy Suburban lets you transport your family anywhere while towing a trailer. By adding an airbag system, you can put as much stuff as you want in the back while maintaining factory ride height. Thanks to UAS, you can upgrade the suspension to more comfortable and useful airbag kit. Proven durable, these bags have been torture tested on multiple terrains including Rough country roads, pot holed freeways, Sand dunes of Pismo beach and the snow of Tahoe; these bags exceed the performance of the oem struts with ease.

Why choose air-ride over a coilover set up? In a utility vehicle like the Chevy Suburban, you will most likely be using the bed in the back to haul materials and equipment. With the touch of a button, you can inflate the air-ride suspension and your car will raise to OEM height (or higher) to prevent any rake or awkward tire wear. Air-ride allows you to ride at OEM height no matter what you are towing.

This kit paired with aftermarket management allows you to fully take advantage of the Universal Air Suspension air springs and slam the car or raise it to a normal drive height. Be sure to check out some of the management we have available for this kit!


OE Spindle, 24- or 26+

Vehicle Fitment: